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Complex Civil Litigation

We represent U.S. and international companies and their officers, executives, and others, in civil litigation arising from securities and financial services issues, as well as a range of business-related litigation.


Credibility, experience, business savvy

Our attorneys have substantial experience in jury and bench trials in state and federal courts.

With prior experience with the U.S. Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and other organizations and agencies, we understand civil enforcement proceedings in the securities and financial services industries. For example, we handle securities class action defense, both sides of disputes between investors and financial advisors, and civil actions arising from the civil False Claims Act.

We also are business-focused attorneys who help clients with a range of disputes, such as intellectual property litigation, breach of contract, and more.

Our attorneys have studied more than just the law. Members of our team have advanced degrees in business, economics, and accounting. We are able to parse not only the legal theories but also the strategic business implications of any case.

Our business focus also comes from our experience in-house with multinational corporations. We understand the company’s perspective and also understand our clients’ need for clear communication and predictability in legal budgets.

There are few boutique firms with the breadth of litigation experience that we have in complex civil matters. And, unlike larger law firms, senior level attorneys are the main points of contact for your case and will remain hands-on through all aspects of the litigation.

In addition to complex civil matters, we also have far-reaching experience in white-collar criminal matters and are able to help clients with multiple dimensions of their cases.

In short, we leverage meticulous preparation and breadth and depth of experience to advocate for our clients both in negotiating favorable settlements or litigating through trial.

Who We’ve Helped


Represented a government contractor in a five-week jury trial of a False Claims Act case brought by the Department of Justice based on allegations of organizational conflicts of interest related to work simultaneously performed for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy.


Client awarded judgment for specific performance in a breach of contract matter for a $150 million commercial subcontract in a U.S. Navy/NASA project.

Corporate directors and officers

Achieved a significant trail victory for the Chairman of the Board of a technology start up and successfully defended against multiple investors’ claims under Virginia’s state security statute.

How We Can Help You

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