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Cory Kirchert

With a background as senior counsel for the Securities and Exchange Commission and an accountant, Cory Kirchert is a well-rounded advocate who helps clients pursue effective strategies and bring their cases to satisfactory resolutions.

Cory handles government investigations and related litigation. His clients are often C-suite executives and management facing actions by the SEC, Department of Justice, and other federal agencies. As a trained accountant, he understands how to dissect a company’s financial records to get to the root of any potential issue.

Cory also represents whistleblowers, helping them navigate the complicated process of what to reveal and when and how to reveal it under whistleblower protection laws and regulations.

Three-dimensional litigation

With twenty plus years of experience with the SEC, Cory knows the nuances of the process. Cory’s goal in any matter is to thoroughly research and develop the evidence to present a three-dimensional picture of the case that will persuade the agency or court.

Cory enjoys challenging assumptions and exploring novel approaches to legal questions. For example, while at the SEC, he handled the first case involving Regulation S, which clarified the SEC’s position on securities sold outside the U.S., convincing the court on an interpretation of a potential exception.

With his intricate knowledge of securities regulations along with a strong grasp of financial transactions, Cory also represents clients with SEC enforcement actions in the blockchain industry, such as an entity challenging the definitional basis of a “security.”

Unique background

Cory has been an adjunct professor of both legal writing and accounting and has a master’s degree in business. Cases he handles include elements of law, accounting, economics, and business. With work and educational experience in all of these disciplines, Cory is distinctively positioned as an advocate.

Cory enjoys working on pro bono cases, and frequently helps nonprofits in animal protection as they incorporate and form 501(c)(3) entities, bringing his corporate law background together with a love of animals.

  • L.L.M., regulation, University of Virginia School of Law
  • J.D., Albany Law School
  • M.S.B.A., finance, real estate, and insurance, University of Memphis
  • M.A., philosophy, University of Albany
  • B.A., political science, University of Albany
  • Certificate—accounting, University of Virginia
  • District of Columbia
  • New York
  • Virginia
Civic Involvement
  • Pro bono work on behalf of animal rights organizations

Cory has more than twenty years of experience at the Securities and Exchange Commission, where he handled a number of cases involving novel issues of law. He also has worked in private practice with boutique and midsized firms. Cory taught accounting at the University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies and legal writing at Albany Law School.