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We work with high-risk businesses to identify and resolve potential compliance issues with federal and state laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, False Claims Act, and Bank Secrecy Act.


Smooth process, long-term solutions

Our firm combines the legal expertise of a team of attorneys with federal agency and in-house compliance experience with the forensic accounting expertise of our dedicated compliance director. This means our clients get the personal service of a boutique specializing in securities and financial services, along with compliance solutions specifically tailored to their needs.

Even large law firms often outsource to an accounting firm for compliance and internal control reviews. On the other hand, SECIL Law clients receive these services from a forensic accountant who works directly with our lawyers and is familiar with the issues our clients face.

We work with our clients to develop compliance policies that avoid potential violations and correct existing issues. Often, our compliance work complements defense against enforcement actions. In the case of active investigations and litigation, our compliance team creates solutions to remedy issues and avoid further consequences.

We partner with not only corporate legal teams, but also our clients’ information technology staff and front-line employees. Our work includes proactive solutions like due diligence in mergers and acquisitions and identifying red flags of corruption with third-party transactions. Our team has experience helping U.S. companies expand abroad and international companies enter the U.S. market and can help avoid issues like bribery and corruption.

We don’t just help create the policies and programs. We work with our clients where the rubber meets the road, providing practical advice for implementing policies, communicating with employees, and long-term follow-up.

Who We’ve Helped

C-Suite executives

We represented the CEO of a U.S.-based oil drilling company in a joint Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation into payments made by the company in connection with its operations in Africa and South America.

Corporations with remedial measures

We conducted an internal investigation into allegations of FCPA violations and bid-rigging by a foreign subsidiary of a major U.S.-based global corporation, helping the company implement remedial measures and address inappropriate conduct by some employees.

Anti-corruption policies for global companies

We conducted a global corruption risk analysis, created and revised policies and procedures, and assisted in implementation of a global anti-corruption program for a Fortune 100 corporation with operations in 67 countries.

How We Can Help You

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